Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Snatcher Sega CD

Snatcher for the Sega Mega CD, a game designed by industry legend Hideo Kojima, was the absolutely best thing to ever appear on Sega's not particularly successful console add-on. The game is a beautifully illustrated cyberpunk adventure game (with a few arcade bits admittedly), that has obviously been heavily influenced by Blade Runner. Find out more by clicking on stuff: Wikipedia, Mobygames, SD Snatcher, Hardcore Gaming 101.

Snatcher Sega CD ebay auction

(seller ships to UK only)


  1. not found on the psp.... sigh!

  2. Oh, come on now.... It's a great console... See, even our beloved nurse loves the thing...

  3. ?... nah your kiddin....

    ww whh whhhicch nurs nurse would that be..


  4. Oh, the undead one... But it's ok. She's really into video games now.