Thursday, March 8, 2007

Panasonic 3DO & games

The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (aka 3DO), a 32-bit CD-based console conceived by Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins and released back in 1993, was an absolute beast of a console with seemingly huge potential and an accordingly impressive price tag. Sadly, the 3DO failed.

Happily, you can get one of these now-retro consoles for a relatively modest price. For example, a certain retro gaming auction will get you a Panasonic 3DO with 2 controllers and 8 games. The games include Street Fighter 2 Turbo, FIFA Soccer, Road Rash, John Madden Football and PGA Tour '96. Seller ships to US and Canada only. A 3DO console without games usually averages 100$.


  1. its on my wishlist along with the Hi Saturn Navi...

  2. A Hitachi Saturn/GPS combo... Don't you remember?

  3. ...ah the gps.. .i'd forgotten... but i took notes.....

    i'll underline em now... brain isn't what it used to be im afraid... I hope this isn't go in my employment file?

  4. No, no, but of course not..

    (smiles widely)

  5. ..good.. this probation period is very difficult... thanks for letting this one past.. it won't happen again.....

    i'll make us some tea...