Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Shadowrun SNES sighted

If you are into cyberpunk console RPGs then you just can't do much better than Shadowrun SNES (MobyGames entry). Shadowrun, set in a brilliant Neuromancer inspired gameworld, seamlessly combines tabletop RPG rules with bursts of arcade action and crisp 16-bit visuals to create one of the best non-Japanese CRPGs ever to appear on a Nintendo console. Happily has a stock of these beauties. Not very happily they only ship them within the US.

Get a Shadowrun copy @


  1. ..we could intercept the delivery...

    (dons mask and cape....) now where did you tether Silver?

  2. Oh, but, he's a racing horse the days, y'know...

  3. ...damn! does anything remain constant anymore...

    (makes horse sounds....)

    we'll just have to do without...

    HI HO Silver.... away!!!

    (makes horse gallop sounds... disappears out the front door...)

  4. ..away Silver....

    (sound of elderly making galloping sounds fades into the distance...)