Sunday, March 18, 2007

First Ultima game up for auction

The Ultima series is considered to be the longest running RPG series, Ultima 1 "The First Age of Darkness" is unique among the Ultima series (and a rarity among computer RPGs in general) for containing a real-time action element, as the player must participate in first-person space combat. And out of the fog of time steps this vintage RPG adventure game for the IBM PC.

Seller ships Worldwide
List of contents:

* Game box
* One 5.25" game disk (label a bit worn but well fastened)
* Game Manual (mint)
* Player Reference Card (mint)
* 4 cardboard maps (mint)
* Origin registration card (mint)
* Notice to owners of 3.5" disk drives (mint)
* The Coins of the Realm (all mint)

Ultima 1 for IBM PC

vid upped by piajeno


  1. Pricey, but absolutely stunning...

  2. ...not likely to cause a bidding war.....

  3. You never know. Collectors are a weird bunch I believe...

  4. (pulls off incoming fax....)


    (single sheet of paper falls to the floor with winning ebay bid of $285)