Thursday, March 1, 2007

Buck Rogers Comic N0.9 1951


Jean Lee became the last woman to hang in Australia,
Chinese and Korean forces captured Seoul,
Military coup in Bolivia,
Female Sufrage began in Greece,
and this rare Toby Press edition was published

condition poor, chipping, tears, bottom corner gone, taped spine, BUT inside the seller promises the pages are crisp and clean with really good color, though with some toning.

Buck Rogers No.9

Retro Treasures, not your ordinary retro thingy..... (am...slogan writers still wanted...)


  1. "Gnome and Elderly... Bringing you presents from the past in the...erm... present..."

    NOW do I get the job?

  2. Yes, that's it!

    (checks with Elderly)

    Sorry, no.

  3. He's getting constantly closer.. Don't you think it's threatening?