Monday, March 12, 2007

The Neo Geo CD collection

Usually selling for more than 100£ (roughly 180$), the Neo Geo CD is an impressively powerful console designed by SNK to bring arcade quality gaming to the average bourgeois living-room. A Neo Geo CD ebay auction currently going for less than 3£ seems like the proletariat's way to said gaming wonder. Thankfully, the seller ships worldwide.

The system comes with 15 games including: Metal Slug, Samurai Spirits, King of Fighters, NAM 1975, Burning Fight, Soccer Brawl and Real Bout 3.


  1. thats a neo geo.... wonder if he'd swap for an grossly under used xbox 360....

  2. Wouldn't be such a good idea. It's got a single speed CD... loading times are quite abysmal. The much pricier cartridge based console is the way to go, really.

  3. ...but he can use a real cd....

    (looks at tiny umd...) sigh!

  4. Come on.. it's so nice, small and shiny. Just like something from Star Trek...

  5. Star Trek.... i never thought about that.....

    (scans room with psp.....)

    im detecting life forms....