Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goldstar Portable CD-i (boxed)

Goldstar GPI 1200 M CD-iportable cdi cd-iNow, here's something both luxuriant and rare: the Goldstar GPI 1200 M CD-i, boxed, in mint condition, stylish and portable as ever. What's more, the thing offers complete CD-i compatibility, comes with built-in MPEG decoder, crisp colour display and its very own remote. Go for one via this CD-i portable auction. Seller ships worldwide.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sega Game Gear with games and accessories

Sega Game Gear games power packYes, it still is an 8-bit portable upgrade on the Master System that's inferior to the Atari Lynx, but the Game Gear does have quite a few excellent games to make it a worthy retro gaming purchase. Especially the one featured on this Game Gear eBay auction. It's a bargain you see. Seller ships worldwide and the console comes complete with four games, four (!) Power Packs, and a carrying case. As an added bonus two Game Boy Color games and one of Nintendo's carrying cases have been thrown in. The average Game Gear goes for 15£/30$/20€ and each game for roughly 2£/4$/3€.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Commodore 128: The Full Monty

commodore 128c128Released in 1985, the Commodore 128 (a.k.a. C128) was the last 8-bit machine produced by Commodore. It also is fully compatible with the C64, features 128 whole kbytes of RAM and a C128 mode, a redesigned and expanded keyboard, a slightly faster processor, RGB-out and an extra Z80 thrown in for CP/M compatibility. Impressive, right? That's three machines in one. Anyway. Find out more about it here and here.

For a complete C128 system though, try this excellently priced and truly massive Commodore 128 eBay auction. Besides the boxed computer, you'll also be getting two 1541 disc drives, a cassette deck, a mouse, a modem, a joystick, manuals, leads and a rich and very impressive selection of software. Seller ships only within the US. The C128, on its own, usually sells for 50-60$, mind you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Sega Genesis Power Base Converter

sega genesis power base converterWant to enjoy them classic Sega Master System games on your Genesis? Well, that's easy. All you need will be a Power Base Converter from eBay. Yes, it's the one shown above, plays both SMS cartridges and carts, and, well, you can find out mote here. Seller ships worldwide, but should you prefer something cheaper for your 8-bit gaming needs try a free SMS emulator like the brilliant MEKA.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Manic Miner for the CPC 464

Manic Miner CPCI'm pretty sure CPC fanatics will tell you the 464 version of Manic Miner by Software Projects is the best one available, but I just don't know. Haven't tried it. Perhaps they are right, perhaps not. Then again, the CPC had always been easy to port for from the Speccy and also sported some rather powerful hardware too, so I guess Manic Miner CPC could be a great update to Matthew Smith's classic. Anyway. Better try it for yourselves. This Manic Miner CPC 464 auction should help quite a bit. Seller ships worldwide.

Oh, and you can find out more on Manic Miner CPC here. For a freeware, pretty faithful and visually striking version of the game try Manic Miner PC by retrospec.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Coleco Telstar Arcade

coleco telstar arcadetelstar arcade game screenshotColeco, that Connecticut Leather Company that had an odd thing for video games, released the impressive Telstar Arcade in 1977. It was an advanced cartridge-based evolution of the then popular Pong machines that came in a rather unique triangular case. As you can see above, each face of the console has been designed with a different type of game in mind. You get a light-gun, a steering wheel with a gearshift and traditional paddles. What's more, each of the four cartridges released came with quite a few games on them and a MPS-7600 chip. Find out more about the Telstar Arcade here and/or here.

To grab a truly rare, fully working version of the machine try this Coleco Telstar Arcade eBay offer. It's not cheap, but the seller ships worldwide, you'll be getting a triangular cartridge with 3 games and you wont be having many more chances at it... Well, probably, that is. Definitely worth a look.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Games and stuff for your Spectrum

Speccy games light pen joystickHere's something for you Speccy owning gamers: 56 classic 8-bit games, 2 joysticks and the weird contraption that was the average ZX Spectrum light pen. Try your luck over at eBay by following this most appropriate of links. Seller ships only within the UK.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Atari Lynx 2 love

lynx 2lynx gamesWe all know the Atari Lynx has always been the better handheld and probably have even learned to prefer the definitely improved Atari Lynx II. What's more a boxed Lynx 2 with 4 games has been listed on eBay and the seller ships worldwide. Said games are Batman Returns, Checkered Flag, Pit Fighter (oh, dear) and a football game, and you'll also be getting all manuals and a power supply. Average Lynx prices start at 20£, 40$ or 25 euros.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The PC Engine Super Grafx

PC Engine Super Grafx NECA relatively rare console that was supposed to continue -and update- the PC-Engine (Turbo Grafx-16 in the US) legacy, but sadly failed before it even got a chance. Despite having only six -five official- games released for it, the Super Grafx was fully compatible with the original PC-Engine, sported way better hardware and is a rather valuable collectible too. Prices usually start around 90 euros, 75£ or 150$.

This eBay-sighted Super Grafx with 6 games then, is a definite bargain. It even comes with 2 pretty rare Super Grafx and 4 PC-Engine games, all appropriate leads/cables and a controller. The console can play both US and Japanese games. Seller ships worldwide.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The complete SNES Ogre Battle RPG

Ogre Battle SNESOgre Battle: The March of the Black Queen was released back in 1994 by Enix and is widely considered as one of the best SNES RPGs ever. You can read all about it here and go for a boxed copy in mint condition complete with maps and charts via this Ogre Battle eBay auction. Seller ships worldwide. Oh, and this is quite a rarity as only 25000 cartridges were produced.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Star Wars Arcade for the Sega 32X

Star Wars Arcade Sega 32xIf you're even vaguely interested in Star Wars and already own a Sega 32X, well, the Star Wars Arcade is one of the best games available on your machine. Probably even reason enough to actually own a 32X. Find out more about its 3D space fighting charms here and go for a cheap copy via this Star Wars 32X eBay auction. Seller only ships within the US.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ with games and... err... stuff

Sinclair zx spectrum + plusWith a Buy It Now price of 60£ this complete Sinclair Spectrum+ is quite a bargain, especially when considering the relative rarity of the computer and the fact it comes with 29 boxed games (including more than a few really rare ones), all necessary cables and a tape deck. Seller ships worldwide. Games include The Untouchables, Dark Side, SAS, Manic Miner, Paperboy, The Armageddon Man and Konami Tennis.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Nintendo Popeye Tabletop Game & Watch

Nintendo PopeyeNintendo Popeye Tabletop Game & WatchPopeye mini arcadeThis fantastic 1983 mini-arcade offering was the first video game related thing I ever owned; before even going to school, mind you. I love it, can't recommend it warmly enough and can't help but point you to this boxed Popeye Game & Watch eBay auction. Seller ships to United States, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia and Mexico, and seems to be asking a very reasonable price for an apparently mint condition console.

As for the game itself, well, Nintendo's Popeye is essentially a simple yet incredibly addictive fighting game, in which the player assumes the role of the titular sailor trying to beat Brutus into the ocean and save Olive. Impressively this is a full-colour game that utilizes a combination of an LCD screen and a mirror to provide gamers with visuals that were nothing short of cutting edge. Oh, and as you should have noticed Popeye comes in the form of a miniaturized arcade cabinet complete with mini joystick and fire button. It runs on two C batteries.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Commodore Amiga 500 Plus

Amiga 500 plus A500+The A500+ was a slightly updated and definitely less successful version of the original Amiga 500. The machine came with an updated version of Kickstart, a new Workbench, 1MB of RAM and some slightly improved custom chips, meaning it was a better but not 100% compatible computer. Still, you can grab a boxed Amiga 500 Plus with a ton of stuff @ eBay for a more than reasonable price (or so it seems for now). Seller ships everywhere except Africa and you'll also be getting 5 boxed games, many pirated ones, the manuals, Workbench disks and all necessary leads.