Friday, September 14, 2012

Deep Space: The retro loving indie gaming bundle!

I haven't posted for quite some time, I know, but, I can finally show you what I had been working on: Bundle In A Box: Deep Space. Yes, it's the latest in pay-what-you-want bundles, only this one is different. Everything is DRM-free, everything sticks to the deep space theme, most games are for both Mac and PC and it has a distinct retro flavour.

Let me elaborate on that distinct retro flavour then. Among the 8 games (excellent games, if  I may say so myself) you can grab, there are five (5!) retro lovers will adore:

  • the shiny remake of classic Commodore 64 shmup Armalyte
  • Jeff Minter's psychedelic Space Giraffe
  • retro-flavoured platformer Robot Riot
  • TIE Fighter inspired The Wreckless
  • and ueber-colourful exclusive, debut arena shmup Death Ray Manta

The other three games are Dark Scavenger, Miner Wars Arena and Sol: Exodus and everything is accompanied by a healthy dose of extras such as soundtracks, books, exclusive content for Droidscape: Basilica and even the complete first issue of PlaySF.

Oh, and by buying it you will also be supporting a most important charity and those modern bedroon developers too!