Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The complete Amstrad GX4000 Console

Essentially a CPC with a few extra chips, a cartridge slot, a SCART port and some preposterously priced games, Amstrad's GX4000 console was a proper disaster. A highly collectible disaster admittedly and an interesting, distinctly European 8-bit console, you could grab via this pretty amazing GX4000 auction on eBay.

You'll be getting two consoles (one working, one for spare parts), a new power supply, the manual, two controllers, the original box, a SCART cable and 12 games. The games include such rare pieces as No Exit, TinTin on the Moon and Plotting.

Seller ships only within the European Union.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A joyous bundle of Spectrum love

Really love those retro bundles; they are so full of little surprises and great stuff they are far too tempting despite already owning a ZX Spectrum. Thankfully then, this particular 48k Spectrum bundle can only be shipped to UK addresses...

Besides a fully working, boxed with manuals ZX Spectrum 48k complete with all necessary cables and things, you'll also be getting a selection of 16 classic magazines, several blank tapes, a joystick and some truly great games. Said games would include versions of Jet Set Willy, Spellbound, Kokotoni Wilf, Ant Attack, Elite and The Sentinel.