Friday, September 30, 2011

One excellent Sinclair QL

The brilliant flop that was the Sinclair QL can joyfully be yours via this lovely Sinclair QL eBay auction, and I frankly can't see how anyone could resist it. The micro does after all come complete in its original box with quite a bit of software (and some games) and seems to be in absolutely excellent condition. Seller ships only within Europe.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Four Sealed Supervision Games

The lucky collectors that already own a Supervision, the failed yet interesting GameBoy rival, will be thrilled to know that they can get four lovely sealed Supervision games for a very decent price. How? Why by clicking this post's only link of course... Said games are Pyramid, Matta Blatta, Earth Defender and Eagle Plan. Seller ships only within the US.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Manic Miner (GBA)

Behold the finest platformer your GBA and DS can play: Manic Miner. And, yes, it is the original Manic Miner, and it has indeed been updated to SNES audiovisual standards. What's more, it sports 10 brand new well-designed levels, all the classics ones, a very handy password system and a few extra bells and whistles. Oh, and you can grab a complete, boxed version of the game via this Manic Miner GBA auction. Seller ships to US, UK, Canadian and certain European addresses.  

Monday, September 26, 2011

12 Dragon User issues

Dragon User was the definitive magazine for, well, Dragon 32 users and gamers from 1982 to 1985, what with its monthly reviews, interviews, listings and technical articles. To own all 12 issues from 1984, in apparently excellent condition too, you could try this Dragon User auction. Seller ships only within the UK.  

Atari Jaguar Rapier Development System

Development systems are a firm favourite of Retro Treasures, as are all things Atari, and that's why I simply couldn't resist linking to this fantastic Atari Jaguar Dev Kit. It is a fully working system and one of the earlier Jaguar development kits Atari sent forth, it includes the Jaguar ROM Card, CD Rom to Rapier Interface Card and the Felix I/O Card  and comes in its decidely unspectacular original case with all the required cables. Oh, and interestingly this is the very same unit that Telegames used to create its Jaguar ports and games. The same hardware thus that brought Worms to its first 64-bit console. Seller ships worldwide. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Atari Lynx Lemmings

The Atari Lynx version of Lemmings, despite the obvious limitations of any d-pad when compared to a mouse, remains to this day an absolutely excellent port of the Psygnosis classic save-'em'up. It also happens to be one of the rarer games available for the Lynx and, happily, one you could grab via this Lemmings (Lynx) auction. Seller ships to Europe, USA and Canada. Oh, and you can find out more about the game over at AtariAge.

Friday, September 23, 2011

US Sega Dreamcast Bundle

We are all quite aware of the fact the Sega Dreamcast is a fantastic console with an excellent games library and that's why we all care when a great Dreamcast Bundle hits eBay. This particular one features a NTSC, US version of the console, that comes with four controllers, four VMUs, the fishing rod controller, the Game Shark Lite game enhancer, all necessary cables and 14 boxed games (including gems and rarities such as Crazy Taxi, Sega Bass Fishing, Shenmue, Seaman and Virtua Tennis). Seller ships only within the US.

Colossal Adventure by Level 9

Colossal Adventure was the first game by text adventure legends Level 9. It was released back in 1983 and was a more or less straightforward port of the original Adventure. Oh, and to enjoy this pretty important classic on your ZX Spectrum you could do worse than grab this boxed Colossal Adventure copy. Seller ships only within the United Kingdom.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Apple Museum for sale!

Retro Treasures has posted quite a few retro discoveries by Blake of the retro-infested and ever lovely ByteCellar, but never anything remotely as impressive as this Apple Macintosh Museum auction. I mean really... every Mac from the original 128k Macintosh that made sure 1984 wasn't like 1984 (well, sort of) to them brand new iMacs has been included in an impressive bundle of 150 computers. The whole lot can be yours for $35k; provided you either live in the US or Canada that is and want to actually start a vintage computing museum. You'll obviously be getting a ton of peripherals, accessories, books, posters, posters, t-shirts and software to help you flesh things out, as well as the domain name. Oh, and more than a few lovely Apple notebooks have also been included, but better check things out yourselves...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nintendo 64 Atomic Purple Color

What you see above is a pretty impressive, brand new, fully boxed and rather excellent Nintendo 64, that could  actually be yours via this N64 Atomic Purple Color edition auction. Everything, including the lovely Atomic Purple controller that's bundled with the console, remains in its little plastic bag seemingly untouched by age. Seller ships worldwide. Oh, and know this wont be cheap...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bandai Playdia (boxed)

The Bandai Playdia, a 1994 CD-ROM console by Bandai aimed at kids, was a machine released exclusively in Japan. It only got games published by Bandai -usually based on popular manga and anime series- and effectively died in 1995, meaning that it too was quite a flop. Granted, an exotic and good-looking one, but still a flop. Now, despite being relatively hard to find in the West this boxed Bandai Playdia is (almost) decently priced and the seller ships worldwide.

Rez (Dreamcast)

There are more than a few reasons for owning a Sega Dreamcast, but you'll surely agree that Rez is easily one of the chief ones. It is after all the first game that went for that synesthesia effect, a visual powerhouse, an absolutely excellent on-rails shooter, an  audio-visually stunning offering and one of the most surreal, unique and relaxing experiences ever realized. It is in short brilliant. Oh, and quite collectible too and that's why I figured everyone would be interested in grabbing one of those modestly priced Japanese Rez copies Play Asia still has in stock.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Speccy's Opus Discovery System

Despite being stylish, cheap and definitely innovative the Microdrives were -one has to admit- rather shoddy and infamously unreliable and that was exactly the gap the Opus Discovery Disk System aimed to cover. Costing almost 200 pounds, this pretty excellent backup/disk drive thingy wasn't a particularly popular add-on, but it definitely was a very handy solution. And it worked perfectly without eating away at the Speccy's humble RAM. No, really, here's a review.

Happily and due to its obvious retro status you can now grab one for a much more reasonable price via this Spectrum w/ Opus Discovery System auction. Not only will you be getting a fully working disk drive which doubles as a power source, but also a 48k ZX Spectrum, a TV-out cable, a manual and some disks. Seller ships worldwide.

Moon Ranger (NES)

Moon Ranger is pretty obscure and that's why this eBay-auctioned Moon Ranger boxed copy will probably sell for more than 100$. Oh, and Moon Ranger is 1990 action game for the Nintendo NES. Seller ships worldwide.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Earthbound SNES

Earthbound, the SNES RPG that was released in the US back in the not-so-distant 1995, is probably the best known and arguably less rare Super Nintendo rarity; probably due to the fact that it's an absolutely brilliant game. So, uhm, if you feel like owning one, why not bid on this Earthbound SNES auction? You wont be getting the thing in a box, but you also wont have to sell your house. Handy, innit? Seller ships to the US and Canada.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Epoch Super Cassettevision & 18 games

Marketing departments must be particularly strange places and here's the ultimate example: the Epoch Super Cassettevision has nothing to do with tapes. Or cassettes. Or disks. It's a standard cartridge-based 8-bit console instead. Anyway. Micro-rant aside, I really felt I had to let everyone know an Epoch Super Cassettevision appeared on eBay and is being sold off complete with 18 boxed, rare-ish games without manuals, as well as the required bits & pieces to get the thing running. Seller ships worldwide, though I really couldn't comment on the price; the thing only rarely appears on eBay and I seem to have missed each and every time it did so.

As for the console itself, well, it was a failed and rather late 1984 competitor to the NES, sporting an 8-bit processor, 16 on screen colours from a palette of 512, two built-in joysticks, a numeric keypad, some impressive sprite moving capabilities, a unique design and -shockingly- a proper RGB output! The console, being a flop and all, got less than 40 games released for it and you can find out more about it here and here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The lovely Atari 65XE

Too modern looking for a vintage 8-bit computer for you? Well, worry not, as the Atari 65XE has the old-fashioned innards of a pre-Tramiel Atari 8-bit combined with the aesthetics of the ST. And you can grab a very well priced and fully working one from the dear retro place that is magisterrex. The computer comes with RF cable, power supply and a light gun.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Boxed Speccy

Haven't posted one for ages, so, well, here's a pretty excellent ZX Spectrum auction. Sir Clive's brilliant 8-bit comes in its original box, with its original 48Ks of RAM, the original dead-flesh keyboard and them original and incredibly handy cables. What's more, you'll be getting some lovely games too; including Dizzy! Seller ships within the EU and is incredibly sensible with the shipping costs.

Monday, September 12, 2011

LaserActive Laserdiscs

Pioneer released the LaserActive, its pretty innovative Laserdisc based console, in 1993 to widespread apathy, which is a crying shame as I always thought that LP-sized CDs look wonderful. Now, despite the thing being a short-lived yet highly collectible and versatile flop, the lucky collectors already owning one will be thrilled to find out that this LaserActive eBay offer, will let them expand their console with the Sega Pac (the module the provides full Sega CD, Mega LD and Genesis compatibility), Pyramid Patrol for the Mega LD and a peculiar video magazine on LD. Seller ships only within the US. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

One of Our Wombats is Missing

One of Our Wombats is Missing is a text adventure by Mike Gerrard that was released by legendary, indie adventure publisher Zenobi for the ZX Spectrum. Just like the rest of Zenobi's catalogue, it's incredibly hard to track down and only (very) rarely appears on eBay, yet manages to keep a reasonable price. You can grab an original Spectrum tape of One of Our Wombats is Missing over at eBay, though do keep in mind that Zenobi is still selling a complete collection of its games on DVD. Seller ships to Europe and Canada and you can read an old review of the game here.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

NES Top Loader & games

Not the most beautiful of NES consoles really, but Nintendo's Top Loader is both a more collectible version of its classic 8-bit console and a more reliable way to get ageing cartridges to load. So, uhm, here's a pretty fantastic NES Top Loader auction that includes 18 games, 2 controllers and the bits and cables to get the thing up and running. It's the US version of the console mind, but the seller wisely ships worldwide.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sega Wondermega (boxed)

Having flopped in a more or less anticipated way, the beautiful Sega Wondermega is now a highly collectible and quite rare piece of gaming history, especially when boxed and in good condition. It's a stylish combination of a MegaDrive and a Mega CD in one handy unit and you can grab a boxed one via this Wondermega auction.  Seller ships worldwide and, beside the complete original box, you all also be getting two games. Everything seems to be in great condition.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Atari Mega STe

Seems the time to frolic is over and Retro Treasures is back from its short vacation ready to help you spend your money in these dark days of crisis. What better way to start off this new blogging season then than this lovely PAL Atari Mega STe being auctioned off right now? The computer seems to be in great condition, comes with 2 MBs of RAM, a 30MB hard drive, the necessary cables and a keyboard. Seller ships worldwide.