Friday, June 29, 2007

Iron Helix PC CD rom 1993

Iron Helix is the name of an adventure game released in 1993 for the Windows, Mac, and the Sega CD. The human race is in the middle of a cold war with an alien race called the Thanatosians. A weapon known as "the Iron Helix", capable of destroying all life on a planet is aboard the Cerberus-class destroyer, the O'Brien. The player's objective is to board the O'Brien in order to somehow stop or destroy the ship before the Iron Helix is launched. The twist lies in the fact that the player controls a robot drone, incapable of offensive action.

Pristine condition save for the box available, seller in US ships nationwide

Iron Helix from

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The SEGA SC-3000 & SC-3000H Computers

Yes, apparently SEGA tried its luck in the home computer market too and even managed to infiltrate (rather successfully) the Australian market, what with its lovely 8-bit SC-3000 and SC-3000H home computers. Sorry, make that home computers for beginners as Sega dubbed them.

Both computers were based on and were compatible with the SG-1000 video games console, that eventually grew up to become the Sega Master System. According to the machine wasn't totally unlike the MSX, could use cartridges, featured some pretty impressive graphics and a speedy 4MHz processor. As for the SC-3000H, it's an updated version of SC-3000 with an improved keyboard and more RAM.

Happily, both of these rare beauties have just showed up @ Visit the SC-3000, SC-3000H & Software auction and bid for both, one BASIC cartridge and a Champion Golf cartridge. Mind you, both computers are boxed and in top condition, but the SC-3000 is missing its cables. Seller ships almost worldwide (but in Africa).

The SC-3000 usually sells for 50£, 100$ or 75 euros (a piece, obviously), which means the above auction is quite a bargain.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

NES Plus 48 Games

The most successful gaming console of its time (1985) in Asia and North America, this Auction lot includes:

Original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System with the original box, manual, power and a/v cables, two controllers, and gun. And

48 games with cases including.

Castlevania III Dracula’s Curse
Final Fantasy
Ghosts ‘n Goblins
Metal Gear
Zelda I The Legend of Zelda (Gold)
Zelda II The Adventure of Link (Gold)

Seller ships to US only....

NES Plus 48 Games plucked from the bosom of ebay.....

Sim Earth by Will Wright

Sim Earth: The Living Planet (see it @ MobyGames & Wikipedia) is a game -nay, a software toy- by none other than Will Wright, the genius behind Sim City, the Sims and the anxiously awaited Spore, that let's you control a meager 10 billion years of earth's evolution. Pretty grand, huh? You'll even get to tamper with temperature, raise sea levels and move mountains around.

To grab a complete boxed copy (fantastic manual included) of Sim Earth for the Commodore Amiga just follow this lovely Sim Earth auction link. Happily, the seller ships worldwide.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Game Boy Advance & GB Color "Game Downloader"

As far as rare and obscure handheld accessories go, Pelican's Game Downloader thingy for the Game Boy Color and the GBA must be one of the weirdest I've ever seen. And, to be frank, I've seen it only once, only an hour or so ago, over at an ebay auction for said GBC/GBA Game Downloader that will be over in less than 24 hours.

The device will apparently let you download and play (probably simple) games and comes complete with installation CD & PC-to-GameBoy link. What's more, this particular Game Downloader is still sealed and its seller is willing to ship worldwide.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Ultimate 3DO Collection

An Auction lot really worthy of it's title, specially after reading the following,

A Panasonic 3DO Interactive Multiplayer System!!!
Extra controller sealed still in the box
3DO Mouse in plastic still in the box



32 Games are still in the box with instructions!
The boxes are in excellent condition. Some of them have been pushed down due to the weight of the other games on top.
3 of the 32 games are still sealed (Blade Force, Psychic Detective, Starblade)
All Games are in Mint condition.
2 Games do not come with boxes (Crash & Burn, Road & Track - The Need for Speed)

Ultimate 3DO Collection only on


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Complete Amiga Wing Commander

For a rare chance to play the game that established the PC as a gaming machine on the Amiga, better give this Wing Commander (A500) auction a try. You'll be bidding for the complete box with all the manuals and those lovely star fighter blueprints. Seller ships worldwide. Kilrathi still need to be shot down.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

PS One mouse & Warhammer games

I never knew a PlayStation mouse existed, so seeing it bundled with the -allegedly- excellent PSOne versions of Warhammer Shadow of the Horned Rat and Dark Omen games was quite a surprise. Now, I haven't played the consolized versions of these games, but on the PC they were absolutely brilliant 3D RTS affairs (read more here), much better than any other Warhammer Fantasy game ever, that I just can't recommend heartily enough.

Get the whole Warhammer/PS1 mouse lot over at Unfortunately seller ships to UK only.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bring home an original Atari Asteroids cabinet

Guess you could play thousands of emulated or remade versions of Asteroids for free and live perfectly happy lives without a care (or sick fetish gaming obsession) in the world. Then again, you could go and spend a substantial amount of your savings on an original and frankly beautiful Atari Asteroids cabinet and relive the glory days of the arcades in their full vector graphics glory, probably from the comfort of your apparently large living room.

Original Atari Asteroids Cabinet @ ebay

Seller is based in Germany but happily ships worldwide.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How to spot a Sierra Slash Release

Apparently not all Sierra adventure game boxes were created equal. Some were discount packages marketed by a certain company named Slash that, according to the brilliant Vintage-Sierra online museum, "got the rights to distribute many of the old Sierra, LucasArts, Infocom, etc games in the late 1990s. The releases are not original, everything was made from second-rate materials (sometimes even photocopies) packaged up and sold at dollar stores, Wallmarts, and various grocery stores".

Problem is some of these Slash releases make it to ebay and other online auction/retro sites posing as proper -shrink wrapped even- Sierra games, which, quite frankly, they are not. They only feature photocopies of the original manuals, are made out of cheaply made materials and lack many of the extras one would expect from a classic Sierra box. To find out how to spot them, well, do read this excellent Slash Releases Demystified guide.

Also, do have a look at these Two Riddles for Sierra Collectors.

A boxed Dragon 32 home-computer with games

Dragon 32, the not particularly popular Welsh 8-bit home-micro, has once again hit ebay in one of the more mouth-watering combos of late, unfortunately available to UK residents only. Better though have a look at this auction yourselves. It's a boxed Dragon 32, with quite a few games, a BASIC compiler and some lovely retro computing books. Find out more on the Dragon 32 (and 64) here. Oh, and the average Dragon usually costs less than 10£.

Monday, June 18, 2007

James Bond 007 RPG

A set of almost all that was published by the now defunct Victory Games INC. James Bond 007 Role Playing Game was released in 1983 and supported for many years, but went out of print by the 90's. It was based primarily on the film series, and only secondarily on the books by Ian Fleming. The system was notable for its universal skill-based mechanics which emphasized quality of result more than binary success/failure. It also includes a Hero point system where points can be spent to modify the outcome of rolls. Character creation is open point-based, allowing characters at "Rookie", "Agent", and "00" levels.

ebay lot Includes:

  • James Bond Basic set (complete with GM screen and heaps of Char Sheets)
  • Thrilling Locations and the Q Manual (lots of gagets and cool Bond stuff)
  • Villains ( a resource tool)
And a ton of adventures...You only Live Twice,The man with the Golden Gun,Octopussy,Goldfinger and Goldfinger 2, A view to a kill, Dr No, Live and Let Die, For Your Eyes only and the Australian adventure Back of Beyond.

So pencil and paper ready?

James Bond 007 RPG only on

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Atari Jaguar & Doom cartridge

Atari's final console, the 64-bit Jaguar, was a flawed powerhouse that failed to impress the mainstream. Still, a mighty fine console by any standard and apparently not a particularly common one either, it usually sells for over 20£. Hopefully then this Atari Jaguar (boxed) & DOOM auction will go for less. Seller ships to UK only.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Heroes Quest for Glory 1

FOR IBM, Tandy MS-DOS compatibles; CGA, VGA and EGA, MCGA, - INCLUDES 5.25" game disks and 3.5" disks. Lot contains 10 original 5.25" game disks AND four 3.5" disks

Quest for Glory is a series of hybrid role-playing/adventure computer games designed by Corey and Lori Ann Cole. The series combined humor, puzzle elements, themes and characters borrowed from various legends, puns, and memorable characters, creating one of the better-remembered series in the Sierra stable.

Although the series was originally titled Hero's Quest, Sierra failed to trademark the name. Consequently, the electronic adaptation of the HeroQuest board game forced Sierra to change the series's title to Quest for Glory. This decision caused all future games in the series and new copies of Hero's Quest I to switch over to the new name.

US based seller ships only within US

Heroes Quest for Glory I only on

and if that dosen't whet your appetite take a look at Adventure Game Studio, Free software to create your own retro point and click adventures.....

Retro treasures, going farther than your average retro treasure auction linking blog what we know about....

The Atari 2600 Game Library

The Game Library, an obscure Atari 2600 accessory from 1980, is the fanciest (probably most useless too) game storage solution a retro gamer can get. You can store up to eight Atari cartridges and their instructions in it and then push a lever to have the cartridge of your choice pop out for you. Then again, it's quite a rare thingy.

Anyone interested should really have a look at a certain Game Library ebay auction. Seller ships to Europe and US, but probably could also manage worldwide.

A pretty impressive Atari ST bundle

Atari ST, Atari's 16-bit flagship home computer, was designed to compete against both the Amiga and the Macintosh and didn't do that bad. The ST, also referred to as the Jackintosh, carved itself a niche market for computer loving musicians, was pretty popular as a DTP tool and featured tons of games. Oh, and it was multitasking too. Find out more at Wikipedia or the Atari Museum and do give the freeware Steem emulator a try.

For a more hands-on retro experience though, you'll probably need the machine itself. A brilliant Atari 520 ST (FM), complete with manuals, joystick, mouse, coverdisks, leads/cables, books and a selection of boxed & original games (including Lemmings, Sim City, Final Fight and Silent Service) should be a fine start. Buy it now @ ebay. Seller ships at both UK & Ireland (no catapult for Elderly then). Atari STs -without extras or games- usually sell for a bit over 25£.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Limited edition Game Boy Color 'Pikachu' & games

A rarity and a bargain wrapped up in a single link? Oh, yes indeed, as a rather rare Pokemon Yellow Game Boy Color complete with carry case and the Mario & Yoshi and Wario Land 3 games is going for dirt cheap over at ebay. Ah, the auction link. Seller ships worldwide.

Shadow of the Beast poster

Artwork by the great Roger Dean, a classic game, lack of syntax and fond memories of the Amiga? Great! Why not grab a Shadow of the Beast poster then? Seller ships to UK only.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Coleco Gemini and 295 cartridges

The Gemini was an Atari 2600 clone manufactured by Coleco in 1982. The console featured a much more compact unit than the large woodgrain consoles sold by Atari at the time. The console was released following a patent infringement lawsuit taken by Atari with the courts ruling in favour of Coleco.

This lot item comes with the console, 295 cartridges and a plethora of accesories... US based seller ships unfortunately only within US.

Coleco Gemini only on

Sega Game Gear, TV Adaptor and Games

The Game Gear, a triumph of the Nineties hand held scene, looked like a bloated elderly PSP.

It actually was a Master System/Megadrive in miniature.

As well as having an adaptor which allowed the owner to play his back catalogue of Master System games, it also had a TV peripheral which turned it into the smallest colour portable TV of its time...

Sadly, it could never compete with the technologically inferior, but stylistically superior Nintendo Gameboy. Once again, the amphetamine fuelled blue rodent was shafted by two mushroom eating Italian plumbers.

Thus the Game Gear was toted up as yet another contribution to Sega's downfall from console production. Still! Its a retro treasure that I hold dear. You could buy the rather nice collection showcased above for the Buy Now Price of £32 here. Or you could shop around and get yourself an altogether cheaper set. But get one you must. No retro collection is complete with out it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sony PS2 DTL T-10000 dev/debug tool

The DTL T-10000, or according to Play:Right "the most sought after, and the most mysterious piece of PlayStation 2 development hardware ever uncovered", is a 13kg monster of a development kit complete with dev and debug software mainly running on Linux, obviously used to create and test PS2 and PSOne games. Fittingly, it was released with a particularly hefty 18430$ price tag, but, worry not, that was ages ago.

Now, 600£ (1180$ or 885 euros) is all you need to grab a fully working -albeit slightly used- one, complete in its original box, with all the cables and stuff. How? Well, by having a look at the PS2 DTL T-10000 auction over at ebay of course. Seller ships worldwide.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Final Fantasy NES original

The game that in 1987, single handedly reversed Square's lagging fortunes and became their flagship franchise. Square designer Hironobu Sakaguchi had plans to retire after the completion of the project, and so the game was named Final Fantasy.

Now a rare opportunity to own and 1990 release of the NES game that started it all. The game has been cleaned, tested, and is guaranteed to work or your money back. Comes complete 80 Page Color Booklet and Black Nintendo Case!

with a current bid of only 99 cents how could you possible go wrong....

Own this Retro Classic, only on

And if you rather not, perhaps some music from the game in mid format?


cup of tea then perhaps?

what no NES system?... why didn't you say? take a look Here!!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sega MegaDrive & 32X bargain

Considering a Sega MegaDrive usually costs something in the area of 10£, whereas the 32X add-on goes for another 30-35£, this bundle of a Sega MegaDrive II, a 32X and 4 games (MD: Mega-Lo-Mania, Flashback, LHX Attack Chopper; 32X: NBA Jam TE) with a starting bid of less than a fiver is quite a bargain. Place your bids over @ ebay, provided you're a UK resident.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Private Collection of Nintendo Consoles and Games

A lifetimes collection of consoles, games, and accesories attracting over 30 bids in its first two days on ebay. This extraordinary auction lot offers a rare opportunity to contract Retroitis. Seller living in US, Ships Worldwide.

3 Original Nintendo Systems
2 Super Nintendo Systems
1 Nintendo 64
60 Original Nintendo Games
22 Super Nintendo Games
5 Nintendo 64 Games
9 Sega Genesis Games in Box
1 Gameboy Game (Tetris)
Misc Acc's including controllers, power adapter, RF Cords, Multiway splitters,
Stuffed Characters, Link keychain, Misc Cards, Books, Cases.

Treat yourself, and take a look , only on ebay

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Peter Molyneux's Powermonger (Atari ST)

So, you got your lovely 16-bit Atari ST (or STE; heck, even STFM) sitting in a corner all by itself thinking it's an obsolete assortment of circuits and chips no one wants to game with, don't you? Well, time to cheer it up. Get a boxed version mint condition version of Peter Molyneux's Powermonger for a quid or two and enjoy classic strategic gameplay. Find out more about the game here and here.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Commodore 64 Night Moves Pack

Commodore 64, the most popular computer ever produced and the machine that prepared mankind for the glory of the Amiga, is one of those rare 8-bit (mostly) gaming machines that have aged really well. Yes, better than the NES. To fully understand what the fuss was -and still is- all about, see the impressive graphical capabilities of the thing and listen to the music played through the famous SID chip all you have to do is get yourselves one or ...uh... try an emulator.

Should you go for the buying option and provided you are a UK resident, is offering a pretty rare chance to get a boxed Night Moves C64 Pack in its original packaging, along with two more games collections: Mind Benders & The Beau-Jolly Big Box 30 Mega Games. So, all in all, that's a Commodore 64, a joystick, a tape deck and 38 games including Midnight Resistance, Aliens, Sly Spy, Night Breed, Ghostbusters and Super Hang On.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

6 Games for your Intellivision

Undertandable your intellvision may have gathered some dust since it's release in 1978, but if your here you may be interested in shaking off the cobwebs and giving that rare ol console billed as "the closest thing to the real thing" one more outing.

6 "Imagic" games for Intellivision on

Friday, June 1, 2007

'New' Boxed Up Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit (Blue)

£2.75... What can that get you these days? A Big Mac? Half an hour's parking in a sprawling urban metropolis? A pack of ten cigarettes? A pint? Well all of those things will ultimately do you in...

So it's refreshing to know that you can also buy a pristeen limited edition blue Dreamcast VMU, which will not only save your games, but also allow you to play mini games, as it's a handheld gaming system in it's own right!

Want to know why you should own a Dreamcast? Look here... Want to know why you should own a VMU? Look here... Want to buy this lovely blue edition? Buy here....

Sensible Soccer Atari ST

Things couldn't be simpler. Here you'll find for a boxed copy of the best footie game ever created, in its relatively less known Atari ST version (actually, you'll find an auction thereof, really). Seller ships worldwide, and if you must absolutely know you won't be getting the first Sensible Soccer, but rather its first (minor) update Sensible Soccer European Champions.

Find out more about the legendary game by reading an excellent PC Zone retro feature. PES, bah!