Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sega Genesis own a 16-bit part of Heaven

The Sega Mega Drive is a 16-bit video game console originally released by Sega in Japan in 1988, owing to rather silly Trade Mark dispute, it debuted under the name "Sega Genesis" In North America in 1990.

Faced with stiff opposition from Nintendo, Sega decided to focus on slightly older buyers, with more money in their pockets, who were looking for more "grown-up" titles with mature content and more in-depth game play. To this end Sega released legendary titles such as Altered Beast and the Phantasy Star series.

One of Sega's most famous advertisements in North American media was its slogan

Genesis does what Nintendon't

which showcased the graphics that the Mega Drive/Genesis had against the aging NES.

To grab a piece of video gaming history for your very own some, check out the console above, two controllers and the 14 select titles over on this rather hot Genesis ebay auction. p.s. From what i can tell the blue carpet is not included.

The Gnome and the Elderly Gamer, Bringing you the past ..erm... today (slogan writers required.... )

Mindscape's Moonstone for the Amiga

Moonstone was a brilliant and particularly gory game for the Amiga that didn't get an American release. It is thus highly sought after and has been known to achieve prices over 300$ dollars. This auction (seller ships worldwide), on the other hand, is very reasonable. At least for now, that is...

Commodore Force Premier Issue

Commodore Force (Wikipedia entry) was the evolution of the classic Commodore 64 ZZap 64 (the definitive ZZap 64 guide) magazine. Its first issue (January 1993) featured hordes of Lemmings and is apparently available for purchase over at The starting bid is 4 pounds, the magazine should be in excellent condition and the seller is shipping it worldwide. Just don't forget to ask about the cover tapes...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Sega Master System Bundle

Chances are you might be able to score an 8-bit Sega Master System console, 2 controllers, a light gun and 5 five games for something less than 20$. Just have a look at this interesting auction. The seller ships worldwide.

The beginner's ZX Spectrum

Here's something for the poor souls that missed the ridiculously popular 8-bit wonder that was the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Wikipedia entry). It's a boxed ZX Sinclair 48k coming with the original cables, a few books and some sweet retro games & apps. Only problem is the keyboard isn't particularly functional (most keys don't work) and will be needing a replacement membrane. Guess you can handle this? Nice, have a look at the auction over at the ebay UK then. Seller ships worldwide, mind you.

Welcome to Retro Treasures

Well, it's a 'Hello World' post, so ... Hello World!

Oh, and welcome to our brand new Retro Treasures blog, a blog that will go as far as fighting very dangerous demons in order to make sure you -yes, that's you dear reader- will be the first to know of the most interesting rare retro gaming collectibles, oddities and bargains that hit the online auction world; anywhere in the world.