Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The beginner's ZX Spectrum

Here's something for the poor souls that missed the ridiculously popular 8-bit wonder that was the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Wikipedia entry). It's a boxed ZX Sinclair 48k coming with the original cables, a few books and some sweet retro games & apps. Only problem is the keyboard isn't particularly functional (most keys don't work) and will be needing a replacement membrane. Guess you can handle this? Nice, have a look at the auction over at the ebay UK then. Seller ships worldwide, mind you.


  1. Most assuredly delicious it is... (rubs hands together....) I can't wait ......... yummy!

  2. Goood...

    Now, get posting. Chop, chop!


  3. A joint venture by Mr. Gnome and Mr. Elderly! Splendid!

    Shall I put the kettle on or should we crack open a bottle of the hard stuff?

    *FK hands out finest Cuban cigars...*

    Congratulations on a wonderful idea...

    Oh and BTW how do you invite someone to become a team member on your blog? I want to sign up rising retro blogging superstar young Caleb before anyone else snaps him up...

  4. (takes cigars from Father)

    You know you shouldn't really smoke these, don't you? Ok, here's a speccy.

    Music's on, dancers have arrived, bottles have been opened. We'll start as soon as the tea's ready...

  5. Oh, and to add people to your blog you have to:

    click the "Settings" tab
    click "permissions" sub-tab
    click "Add Authors"

    supply an email

  6. (still wearing brown paper bag over head...)

    is it okay to come out now?