Monday, March 19, 2007

A Wavebird Controller (probably) on the cheap

Nintendo Gamecube's brilliant and very wireless Wavebird controller is -beside a slightly retro gaming thingy- an incredibly valuable accessory to the Wii, as it allows playing all Virtual Console (thus NES, SNES, Megadrive etc) and Gamecube games. Happily, a used Wavebird in mint condition appeared at a certain auction site, so ..uhm.. click and...

get a GC Wavebird @ ebay

Seller ships to North & South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Any price below 16£ is a bargain.



    You can get a used Wavebird for $18 if you look for one on sale at a Gamestop.

    Plus some Kmart and Walmarts are reducing the prices on these controllers. Look for ones at about $28 NEW...

  2. Weird really, as most used Wavebirds sell for over 20 pounds... Anyway, you sure we're talknig wireless here?

  3. ..yeah wireless.. worth more the wireless.... which is strange, cause your not paying for wires... so it should be cheaper..


    oh well... tea

  4. (showers in tea)

    Ouch! Hot...