Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Amiga CD32 with Sx32 and SX32-pro

The Amiga CD32 was the world's first 32-bit CD-ROM based game console. Released September 1993, almost ignored in the US, it managed to secure 50% of the fledgling CD-ROM market in the UK in 1993 and 1994. The success of the CD32 in Europe was not enough to save Commodore, and the bankruptcy of Commodore International in April 1994 caused the CD32 to be discontinued only months after its debut.

3rd party expansions the SX32 and the SX32 pro were produced later, powered by an impressive 50 MHz 030 Accelerator chip with 64 Mb RAM. the expansions boosted the CD32 up to the power of the PlayStation.

And as luck would have it, an outstandingly rare bundle with the full 68030 processor running at 50Mhz, a Commodore 1084s monitor, an 8Mb stick of RAM, a 4Gb 2.5" Hard Disk, Workbench 3 is installed, the pack also includes partitions, games and utils. So sought after the system has already attracted 17 bids, bidding ends March 14th. Seller based in UK, but will ship anywhere.

Amiga CD32 auction item on ebay


  1. Can I drool, or is this one too mch of a rarity?

    I mean, one doesn't see upgraded CD32s daily...

  2. ..too rare... here..

    (provides plastic beaker.....)

    you know this retro thing can get into your blood......

  3. Your wallet too, really... We must be careful.

  4. (welds wallet together...) there that oughta do it...