Saturday, March 17, 2007

Retro beginners bundle, NES with 52 games

Aahhhh the NES!!, the most successful gaming console of its time first appearing in 1985 it arguably revitalized the video game industry following the video game crash of 1983.

The collection is an ideal entry ticket to the extraordinary world of retro gaming. Along with the 52 games the kit includes some choice accessories, including NES Advantage Joystick, NES Zapper x 2 and Quick Shot Joystick. Seller based in US, but ships worldwide.

NES Bundle on ebay


  1. Far too well priced, but I think I can still restrain myself...

  2. ...are those hands cuffs and chains really necessary though....

  3. No R.O.B.? It was an utterly useless peripheral, but it was my only friend :( ...

  4. Well, dear Elderly, I'm afraid they are. They give the place a certain ambience...

    RC, cheer up. I'll look up a ROB for you. Don't worry. Here, have some candy... BTW, did you know ROB was a Gunpei okoi creation?

  5. ...(looking clueless the elderly follows Gnome....)

    Rob huh!.. yep im sure we can find a Rob somewhere... help yourself to the chocolate bikkies RC, we'll be back shortly.....