Friday, March 9, 2007

Shining Force 3 for the Sega Saturn

Comprising of three separate but overlapping storylines, the Japanese version of "Shining Force III" was released in three scenarios. In the West however, only Scenario 1 was ever released, which no doubt adds to the absolute rarity of such a game with some copies reaching as high as $100 a piece. And for your delectation Retro Treasures has found 3

Rare Western Scenario 1
Near mint copy on ebay
another Near Mint copy on ebay
Set to go for a snip copy

Game Review on Moby Games


  1. You're playing with me aren't you?

    You know all about my videogame compulsion and you're just taunting me...

    Finding all these shiny things and dangling them in front of my wallet..

    I'll tell Mrs. K on you...and then you'll be sorry...

  2. I won't be sorry... Elderly posted these contrary to Mrs. K's wishes...

  3. ..well it thought along with me testing my medical insurance cover.. it would be a good idea to take so time off work....