Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sega MegaDrive, Mega CD, 32X and games

You really got to be fast and live in the UK to stand a chance, but its definitely worth a try. What? An amazing SEGA collection featuring a Mega Drive, a Mega CD, a 32X and 11 games of course. Where? Over at obviously.

Such a lot would usually sell for more than 90£, which makes the current auction quite a bargain. Oh, and you get 3 controllers and a light gun too. The bundled games include: Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition, NBA Jam, Super Kick Off, Road Avenger and Cobra Command.


  1. ..pity i have a dentist's appointment, shame the canon is a great idea.....

  2. ...indeed but probably far less painful than the human canon ball...

  3. Not that painful really. Hop in, I 'll show you...

  4. ...i really shouldn't.. i have a doctors certificate.... ( vain...)

    really my doctor has warned me not to ...

    (gnome helps reluctant elderly into the barrel of the canon)

    really my doctor has advised me not to do any canon ball work...

    Gnome... Gnome?

  5. Hold on, I'm looking for the matches.