Saturday, March 3, 2007

The complete AMSTRAD 464 CPC bundle

Unfortunately this one's a huge bargain only for people in the UK, preferably those close to Oxfordshire and Birmingham. It's an auction featuring a PAL Amstrad CPC 464 in excellent working order complete with monitor, joystick, MP-1 module, apps, books and games. Mind you, it's over 70 games we're talking about, including such classics as: Paperboy, Daley Thomson's Super Test, Bomb jack, Aliens, Rampage, Spin Dizzy, Ghostbusters, Cluedo and Knightmare.

Now hurry and grab this impressive CPC lot before it's price rises to a whole fiver (unlikely, really).


  1. ..a fiv... no theres has to be some mistake, we can't let this go... someone call ebay, this is a travesty.....

    (thinks hard....)

    Gnome you can fly can't you?

  2. Who's a transvestite?

    Oh, and no, unfortunately no flying capabilities here... Still, a great bargain...

  3. It went for £6.49 sterling, right that's it

    (prepares catapult......) time one of us is flying...

  4. Yes, definetely. The one living closest, really...

  5. ....? oh yes i see your point...


    well it'll take me quite a long time to finish this catapult.. what with all this blogging and stuff..

  6. That's ok Mr. Elderly. You can take a blogging day off you know...

  7. .. i can? wow your just the bestest....

    (looks expectantly at gnome.....)

    you'll even unlock the leg shackles?

  8. Ok... just don't leave the mill's yard or you'll be shot...

  9. back after the day off... no what?