Friday, September 14, 2007

SEGA Game Gear, 8 games, TV Tuner & Master Gear

Ahhh... the SEGA Game Gear. Another casualty to the Game Boy and another colour handheld console that drained batteries fast enough to make sure no kid ever played it outside his/her room. Still, it was quite a console (a beefed-up Master System with 4096 colours in the palm of your hand), had a ton of software released for it and even some utterly weird add-ons. Reading this excellent GG feature would definitely reveal more.

Now, to the online shopping/bidding bit. A Sega Game Gear with 8 games, TV Tuner and Game Master auction has been sighted over @ eBay and happily the seller is willing to ship worldwide. Oh, and if you must absolutely know the Game Master allows for Master System games to be played on the go, whereas the games you'll be getting include Sonic, Klax & Slider.

Before you bid, do know that your average Game Gear goes for 15£/30$/22€, each game for roughly 2£/4$/3€ and the TV Tuner for a bit over 10£/20$/15€.


  1. I paid .50 for my TV tuner.

    It's firggen AWESOME. The Game Gear makes a handy Portable TV.

    I don't think it's gonna work when the TV transmissions switch to digital though.

    I dunno. Does it have a digital tuner? Crap I gotta look up those specs.....

  2. .50$? That's freaking excellent. Dead cheap too. Oh, and no, no digital tuner I'm afraid...