Wednesday, September 12, 2007

AMDRUM: the 8-bit CPC Drum Machine

The home-computing peripherals that hit the shelves back in the 8-bit era were quite a spectacle. From Spectrum interfaces, to mini-printers, TV screen grabbers, extra drives, joysticks, tv tuners and microdisks, the sky was the limit. Still, the Amdrum by UK based Cheetah for the Amstrad CPC range was and still is special. Actually, quite a bit on the rare side of things too.

The Amdrum is compatible with the CPC 6128, 664 and 464 (though not with any of the currently available emulators) and offers a fully functioning drum machine with 8 different drum sounds. Saving songs on tape/disc, loading of extra sounds and hi-fi connection are also supported. Find out more here.

For a fully functional boxed Amdrum complete with software and neccessary cables, try this Amdrum Digital Drum System eBay auction. Seller ships to Europe, US, Australia and Canada.


  1. Disclaimer: Drumsticks and groupies sold separately.

  2. ..we can buy groupies?.. why this is amazing... show me where.. please show me where..

  3. Think the facory is in Ukraine. Not sure where the retail outlets are though...

  4. ..damn!... still it's a lead.... (searchs Google earth...) the Ukraine is Biiiiiggggg!

  5. A bit older this entry, but look how "Amdrum" works in my emulator:


  6. Excellent video that! Thanks, Markus