Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Official Sega Saturn Magazine With Demo CDs

You've got your Sega Saturn and now you just wanna party like it's 1995... You're thrilled with this most noble of consoles, but you want to immerse yourself in the hype that surrounded it. Who wouldn't?

What better way to step back in time than with this rather lovely selection of Saturn magazines?

I've just bought one myself, as reported over at The Saturn Junkyard.

Postage costs £10 and seller ships worldwide. For more information, or to possibly buy this treasure trove, look here...


  1. Excellent find Father... I'm quite a sucker for video gaming magazines you know...

  2. ...beautiful... with a centre page spread perhaps?

  3. Yep, sporting hardcore silicn nudity...

  4. amazing what a bit a silicon can do..... simply amazing....