Friday, September 28, 2007

Worms & Theme Park (Amiga)

A classic disk version of Worms and the Amiga 1200 AGA Theme Park (CD version), both brilliant games and both in their original packaging, are now up for grabs. Seller ships to Europe and the starting price is just ridiculously low.


  1. Wow.

    They DID created a ton of those CD based systems...

    Holy crap. Worms was on Amiga CD? Wow.

    I am still pissed my copy of Worms for the Dreamcast was stolen...

  2. And let's now forget the Amiga exclusive gem that was Worms Director's Cut. Now, to discover the thief....

  3. ah Amiga... sniff!... those were the days... beautiful blue floppy discs with shiny silver scratch guards...and the satisfying "clunk" when you inserted said floppies in side loading floppy drive...

    ..."clunk"... whirr... bliss

  4. Stop it Elderly... please? You know I dn't have space for my Amiga, don't you?