Monday, September 24, 2007

Sega MegaDrive & Mega CD Happy Hour

For the price of just one contemporary game you can get yourselves a lovely 16-bit SEGA MegaDrive console, its quirky Mega CD add-on, a selection of accessories & controllers (including a Lightgun) and nine (8 for the Sega Mega CD and a Sonic cartridge) brilliantly retro games. That's the financial beauty of retro gaming or, to be more precise, this SEGA MegaDrive, Sega CD, Accessories & 9 Games eBay bargain is the utter example of said beauty.

Under normal circumstances said lot would cost you over 65£, thus it's quite a bargain. Seller ships only to the UK (prepares catapult...).


  1. toom much beauty to behold... i go blind.... (thump) i walk into door frame...


  2. But why, oh why, dear Elderly?

  3. i go blind... blinded by the sheer beauty of the sega happy hour.... whose that?

  4. That's the waitresses really and I feel she feels kind of uncomfortable when your squeezing it...