Friday, September 28, 2007

Neo Geo AES with 5 games

Colorful 2D graphics , 64k of main memory and a whole 2k of high-quality sound memory, what more could anyone wish for from a video game system.

Released 1990 the two versions of the system were known as the AES (Advanced Entertainment System, the home version) and the MVS (Multi Video System, the arcade version). Yes you'll never guess it!.. theres one up for grabs on ebay with 5 games namely:

King Of Fighters 94
Samurai Showdown 2
King Of The Monsters
Fatal Fury and Magician Lord

Seller in US ships Worldwide

Neo Geo AES with 5 games on ebay

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  1. OK, this is dead cheap. I even went as far as creating a PayPal account... I mean, the cheap AES gamses cost more than 50 each...

    Fantastic find Elderly!