Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rare Intellivision game "Fathom"

Listed as "borderline unbelievably rare" by this handy Intellivision game rarity guide.. erm Here

Fathom by Imagic was published 1983, originally designed to be a children's game with (mostly) friendly characters and an easily understood goal to rescue the mermaid trapped in the mystical cage beneath the sea. Seller in Us, ships only to US.

Fathom for Intellivision on

Course you may need, well alright then, will need an intellivision to play it on so....

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What's an Intellivision?


  1. Borderline unbelievably rare? Why, you stole Simon's magick wand, didn't you?

    Tsk, tsk.

    Anyway, here's a pretty relevent link:

  2. (attempts to hide Simon's magic wand... with little success.) oh this? nope stole nutting... he am.. he erm... lent it to me... for the weekend... (gulp!...), now if you'll excuse me I must return it immediately... interesting background to the game...

  3. Definitely Simon. He's a lender...

  4. ..what? like a professional lender? you think he'll charge me interest?

  5. No he won't. Well, not for 100 years at least...

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  7. Hi SaP, one mail coming right up!