Monday, September 17, 2007

Ten Game Cartridges for the Vectrex

Okay so I admit your going to need a Vectrex for this most excellent lot on ebay, but for those of you lucky enough to own the 8 bit graphically vectorishly integrated console, then the following is worthy of note..

Games Include:
Star Trek, Cosmic Chasm, Spinball, Blitz, Solar Quest, Starhawk, Clean Sweep, Web Wars, Rip Off and Armor Attack.

Ten Vectrex Cartridges on

What is a Vectrex?


  1. OMG! Look! A Vectrex!

    Eeeeeeeeeeeek. Run Elderly, run.

  2. what!! where?? .... (runs... leaps over couch...runs around coffee table.. leaps back over couch...) where should i be running to?.. Gnome help!!!

  3. Technically, I am helping. Just advised you to run, didn't I? That's help mate. Now run!

    Oh, this way!


  4. ...thanks Gnome.... runs in Gnomes pointed direction.... Thump!!! slams against fridge.... ??? where am I?

  5. Definitely not in Cansas anymore...