Thursday, September 20, 2007

No, not a Sega. More of a Hitachi HiSaturn Navi!

Discovered by dear FK over at the Saturn Junkyard, this is an expensive yet very rare console aimed almost exclusively at the obsessed and/or pointlessly rich collector. Oh, yes, this is a Hitachi HiSaturn Navi, which means it's an incredibly difficult to find, very expensive Sega Saturn, only manufactured by Hitachi and sporting an (optional; this time included!) LCD portable screen, MPEG decoding bits, a GPS and built-in Karaoke functionality. Find out the dirty details here.

The boxed HiSaturn Navi that has just hit eBay comes complete with LCD screen, external power supply, S-video cable, Hitachi Controller and navi GPS cable. Sadly no manual is included. Seller ships worldwide.

Boxed HiSaturn Navi & LCD screen only @ eBay


  1. Ah! My offer of £300 (that I didn't actually have) was declined... Probably just as well...

  2. I think I agree... 300 pounds is quite a lot of money really... And you got a Saturn already dear Father, let's not forget that...

  3.'s the thought that counts..... a valiant effort FK ...

  4. yeah this was a hard time to Sega, all want a little piece of the incredible success of this first console, brands like Hitachi want to copy the design of their console, without success as you can see.