Saturday, September 22, 2007

1982 Sinclair ZX Spectrum New in Box 1st Ed

An unused, absolutely pristine ZX Spectrum is quite a shiny rarity and definitely not the cheapest retro gaming fix you dear amateur video game historians can get yourselves. It's an expensive item for the manic collector and will require some serious bidding over @ the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Computer New in Box 1982 1st Ed eBay auction.

Seller ships worldwide and the computer comes complete with its original -barely touched- accessories, namely the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Power Supply, Horizons software starter pack (still in a sealed cellophane wrapper), Sinclair guarantee card, 2 sets of cables, Introduction Manual - first edition 1982 and BASIC programming manual - first edition 1982.

Not exceedingly rich? Well, good for you:

Boxed Spectrum Plus & games
ZX Spectrum +2 with 70 games
ZX Spectrum classic with 33 games, books & joystick
7 classic Ultimate Speccie games

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