Monday, September 10, 2007

Masterpieces of Infocom (PC & Mac)

A collection (30) of Text Adventure Masterpieces from beyond the mists of time, erm well okay then 1990. Contains almost every Infocom text adventure for PC and Mac except The Hitchhiker's Guide and Shogun. The games and manuals (on the CD as .pdf files) are in English. Seller in Germany Ships Worldwide.

Masterpieces of Infocom on

In the meantime checkout the Interactive Fiction Archive,
a large archive of free-to-download and play interactive fiction


  1. Masterpieces indeed and probably some of the rare chances video gaming had to mature...

  2. aye and it bombed on digg.... oh well... looks like we'll have start educating the masses younger... here's a list of pre-school creches... who knows, maybe we'll meet a cute pre-school teacher.....

  3. Cunning plan that... Though educating comes first.

  4. ..erm right.. education first and foremost... sex is secondary...