Thursday, November 27, 2008

ZX Spectrum + plus Sinclair printer

ZX Spectrum + Sinclair ZX Printer Speccy PlusAh, a fine 8-bit specimen and a rather quirky printer. Grab that shiny, almost new and definitely complete in its box Spectrum + complete with Sinclair ZX Printer via eBay and marvel at the completeness of the whole thing. Err, yes. Do that. Also expect to pay something close to 45-55£. UK only. Oh, and do find out more about said printer here.


  1. Nice keyboard! Small, just the way I like them.. .. unless I see it wrong and that's a full sized printer next to it..?? :/

  2. Nope. That's a minuscule printer that actually sparkles and almost prints on alluminated sheets of paper. An oddity.

    Love the keyboard too. Despite its distinct lack of dead flesh texture.