Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Philips CD-i 210

Philips CD-i 210 cdiThe Philips CD-i series should have been a huge success, but apparently it wasn't, as the CD-i was too much of an innovative product. Find out more about it here and here, and then try this CD-i 210 & games eBay auction. Seller ships worldwide and the console comes with its infrared controller, built-in MPEG capabilities, video module, manuals and all leads. Included software covers everything from games to movies and even a strip  poker game.


  1. love the site, just found it and think that its great... always been a fan of old-school video games

    for anyone who has ever heard of the Angry Video Game Nerd, he just did a review of the console:

    absolute hilarity

  2. Ah, a most interesting link b russ and thank you very much for the kind words. As for the Nerd, well he once again did something very polished, quite interesting, but with truly mediocre humour.


  3. "very polished, quite interesting, but with truly mediocre humour."

    That's pretty much his style. I would rather watch Yatzee's reviews for entertainment.

    The Nerd would be better off getting a real job in media. Some of the documentary stuff he has done in the past was quite nice.

  4. BTW I need to check to see if my CDI 200 has been upgraded at all.

    I have got it hooked up to my bedroom TV and I have been playing a bit of Tetris on it.

  5. Well, give my best to your Cd-i. I probably will never get one it seems... Even failed when in Amsterdam. Oh, and Yahtzee actually has a brilliant and very intelligent sense of humour, which he actually structures into very good jokes. That's not something that's achieved overnight...

  6. lol, the strip poker pictures on the back of the cd are funny as hell..!!

    ....and yes I'm the only one who looked... hohum.