Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Putty for the Amiga

Putty AmigaPutty for the Amiga (released by System 3 in 1992) was a fantastic platformer sporting impressive graphics, great ideas and one of the most versatile 16-bit lead characters ever. Don't believe me? See what the magazines of the day were saying. Oh, and for a complete, boxed version of the game give this Putty (Amiga) auction a try. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. I'm terrible at platformers...

    Even tho I'm trying my hand at Little Big Planet if that counts... Not really retro, but it's all I can handle for now... Playing co-op with my wife almost cost me divorce. I pulled her into the fire with me a few times... not recommended! :/

  2. Oh welll, as long as it's British game you're playing, then a divorce might even be worth it... Or not, really. Just stop virtually murdering everyone.