Monday, November 17, 2008

The N64DD Development Dynamic Drive Unit & a rather unique N64

N64 N64DD Development Dynamic Drive Unit dev kitNintendo n64dd manual cart n64Here's a pretty impressive discovery of Retro Treasures reader Brian R. (The Wise), that will only set you back 999$ and is available for all European, US, Canada, Japan and Australia residents that take their retro gaming needs really serious. Guess indy and homebrew coders might find it interesting too, as it's all about a N64DD development setup consisting of a N64 Development Dynamic Drive Unit, a special N64 with some wacky extra circuit boards, a manual binder, a Developmental Dynamic Disc Cart and a rather unofficial -but pretty useful for homebrew coders- dev CD. Interestingly a N64 Developmental Cart with a part build of a game is also included. Buy it via this Nintendo N64DD & N64 Development Dynamic Drive Dev eBay link.


  1. So what does this do exactly..?
    I'm lost in a world of art err.. or something like that...

  2. Well, it's use for developing N64 disk games and for storing art ideas of busy painters.

  3. ITS so beautiful!