Saturday, November 22, 2008

Museum Quality Apple Lisa 1 (Lisa-1)

apple lisa 1 lisa-1Lisa Office SystemWith less than 50 in existence, the Apple Lisa 1 is a *very* rare vintage computer and one that has achieved truly impressive prices on its previous eBay outings. The Lisa (Local Integrated Software Architecture) was released in 1983 and was the first commercial computer to come with a GUI and a mouse. It also happened to be the machine that paved the way for the Macintosh. Find out more here and here.

As for the Apple Lisa-1 auction, well, it's going to get really expensive and be really worth the effort. It is after all a pristine, working, Apple Lisa-1, that comes with System 1.0, an external ProFile 5MB hard drive, the built-in Twiggy Drives, a mouse, a keyboard and some applications. Seller ships to rich people worldwide.

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