Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TRS-80 Color Computer 2

The TRS-80 Color Computer 2, a micro more commonly known as the CoCo 2, was a rather stylish redesign of the first CoCo and you can find out more about it here and here. Provided you are a US resident you can also grab a lovely CoCo 2 bundle via this pretty amazing TRS-80 auction. The micro has been expanded to 64k of RAM and comes in its original box. You'll also be getting the manuals, brochure, cables, joystick and more than a few games, software packages and cartridges. Oh, and I guess you'd rather hurry... 


  1. Man, if I was rich with house big enough, I'd buy all the classic microcomputers under the sun. They're so damn sexy!

  2. My plan exactly I'm afraid. Oh, well, a cupboard will always do I suppose!