Friday, August 12, 2011


The junior version of IBM's PC, the aptly named IBM PCjr, was an ill-conceived attempt to grab a piece of the home micro market that could never really work. Granted, the computer was powerful, expandable, DOS compatible and quite innovative, but both its launch price and the dreaded wireless keyboard made sure that even King's Quest couldn't save it. Not to mention that the competition was fierce and sporting both the C64 and the Speccy. Still, nowadays the PCjr is both a lovely collectible and a rather unique vintage computer.

Happily then, you can bid on this intriguing IBM PCjr auction over at eBay. The computer comes complete with its monitor, an internal modem, the original Microsoft mouse, the parallel port expansion module, the IBM joystick and the infamous wireless keyboard. What's more, an excellent selection of software has been included both on disks and cartridges. Seller ships to US addresses only and I do suggest you carefully read the description of the thing.


  1. Here's a nice PCjr story, with a helping of Apple II.

  2. Amazing stuff. It's always so incredibly interesting how small personal stories can shape the world.