Wednesday, August 3, 2011

eBay Rampage: Nintendo Game Boy

The Game Boy was the first proper handheld system and the runaway success that kept the handheld market firmly in Nintendo's grasp for over 20 years. It was, and to this day remains, a truly portable system with a ton of lovely games specifically designed to be enjoyed on the road and also the platform that gave birth to the Pokemon phenomenon. Anyway. Here are the most interesting GB, Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color offerings currently available on eBay:

The complete, original GameBoy bundle. Worldwide, ends 5 Aug. 2011.

21 GameBoy Color games. Worldwide, ends 5 Aug. 2011.

The classic, cheap Nintendo GameBoy. US, Canada, ends 3 Aug. 2011.

Game & Watch Gallery - boxed. Worldwide, Buy It Now.

Game Boy Pocket, boxed with Tetris. Worldwide, ends 7 Aug. 2011.

Super Mario Land I and II. UK, ends 4 Aug. 2011.

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