Monday, August 8, 2011

Amiga 1200: the DD bundle

We are all quite aware of the fact that the Commodore A1200 was a brilliant 32-bit computer that really excelled at both gaming and graphics design. As for the misguided yet tech-savvy souls that have still to experience the thing, well here's a fantastic A1200 auction. The computer comes in its original box, that might come with a broken disk drive, but it also sports two other disk drives for the buyer to install. It also comes with a mouse, two joysticks, all system disks and manuals, power pack, cables and a boxed copy of Deluxe Paint IV. Seller ships worldwide. 

What's more the computer is bundled with an excellent selection of 17 boxed games, among which you'll find such Amiga-defining classics as Monkey Island 2, Alien Breed, Speedball 2, Project X, Cannon Fodder 2, Gods and Worms. Oh, and a ton of unboxed software, games and demos is also included.  


  1. A truly great machine and a must have. Some good titles there as well. And thanks to dedicated Amiga fans and webshops, you can obtain mice, joypads, memory, accelerators, as well as all sorts of useful modern add-ons, such as PCMCIA wifi cards and USB sockets. Do yourself a favour, buy an old A1200 and with a little tinkering, you can have connect to the web and download disc images of old abandoned titles, or hard drive installers for games that were intended for floppy disc only.

  2. You are -once again- correct dear Bob. The A1200 is both excellent and heavily supported and configuring hard drives with WHDLoad has made things even better. Besides, most classic games are relatively cheap even when boxed and there are tons of them.

    Connecting on the web though, well, haven't tried this yet.

  3. This is very true Gnome. and there's nothing quite like the having the boxed game, complete with manual. And actually, for an awful lot of Amiga games, the manual is a must, thanks to various copy-protection methods. You can't easily play M1 Tank Platoon or Gunship 2000 without them (Oh, how I loved M1 Tank Platoon and Gunship 2000). There's something very satisfying about hovering just out of sight behind a hill in your Apache AH60 Longbow, before popping up and unleashing a barrage of rockets at a Soviet T72, before flitting back to your landing pad, while humming Ride of the Valkyries. Analog joystick naturally. A Zipstick or Competition Pro just can't cut it for flight sims.

  4. Which reminds me that my favourite joystick is far from analog, really. It's a metal digital beast that's simply perfect for Sensi Soccer and twitch gaming. You could google Tomahawk and/or Pacman joystick and you'll see it.

    Oh, and see what you've done. You got me searching eBay for more Amiga stuff.