Thursday, August 11, 2011

Samsung DVD-N501 Nuon DVD Player

The Nuon technology, the evolution of Project X, was a brilliant idea that unfortunately failed to catch on, though a few DVD players sporting it were actually released. Nuon, you see, something the great and hairy Jeff Minter had worked on, added a ton of features to the average DVD player (zoom-in, audio-visualizers among other stuff), while also turning it into a powerful games console; a console that would actually play the best version of Tempest ever released.  

The Nuon is sadly hard to find in this time and age, and I thus wholeheartedly suggest you have a look at this Samsung DVD-N501 Nuon auction. The thing seems to be in great condition and the seller is kind enough to ship worldwide. Mind you, the DVD-N501 was one of the two models released in North America. Oh, and should you grab it, do give Tempest 3000 a search.


  1. I vaguely remember the Nuon system, but it seemed rather less exciting than the DVD playing, PSOne compatible Playstation 2, which was out about the same time.

    A quick scout on Wikipedia though, and it seems that there were quite a few titles released for Nuon, four DVD movies which made use of the technology and a slew of unreleased games (including Myst and Dragons Lair, naturally). VM labs who created the Nuon standard must have realised their time was limited, because shortly before filing for bankruptcy in 2001, they released a homebrew dev kit, allowing PC users to roll their own code, burn it to a CD-R and play them on their Nuon DVD players. Only a few of the released players could handle said homebrew, but it would appear that the Samsung DVD-N501 is one such machine that could.

    So there you go Gnome- if you can find the necessary files online, and get on of the few joypads available off eBay, you too could use your newly acquired Nuon to play Breakout...

  2. Better yet REMAKE Breakout for enjoyment on the Nuon. Now, that's an idea...

  3. DVD-N501 uses NUON technology to enable advanced operation, smoother playback of video at a wide variety of speeds, and even interactive gaming on a single platform. Audio playback is enhanced as well, as the powerful multi-processors create vivid, active displays on your TV screen when playing audio discs. Thanks a lot.

  4. I have one. Barely used and kept from Dust.

    Make me an offer: