Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Playful Boxes of the Amiga 1200

Despite a minor problem in its video output that should be easy to fix and maybe even attributable to the video cable itself, this Amiga 1200 currently up for auction on eBay is a fine opportunity to grab Commodore's excellent 32-bit micro. The computer comes in its Race 'N' Chase box, with all the manuals, a joystick, lots of disks, power supply, cables, and an incredibly handy external disk drive. Oh, yes, and an awesome collection of six boxed games including Syndicate, The Chaos Engine, Simon The Sorcerer and Frontier Elite II.

Seller ships to many places worldwide.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Rex (ZX Spectrum)

Released late in the Spectrum era, Rex was a unique, brilliantly designed, and quite frankly spectacular game. It's a sprawling platformer with some of the best graphics on the system, and a rare game with an ecological core and an armed rhinoceros for a star. Said glorious and highly collectible game can be grabbed via this Rex (ZX Spectrum) eBay auction.

The game comes complete in box with inlay and tape. Seller ships only within the UK.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

One Shiny Sega Game Gear

The Sega Game Gear, essentially a clever, improved, curved, and quite handheld version of Sega's 8-bit Master System, didn't manage to really compete with the Game Boy, but it did manage to become a great gaming platform on its own. And this Sega Game Gear eBay auction is a fine opportunity to get yourselves a fully working, refurbished console with a great selection of 10 games and a few manuals.

Among the included games you will find The Addams Family, Super Columns, Sonic 2, Star Wars, Ecco The Dolphin, and Ren & Stimpy. Seller ships to many places worldwide.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mario Is Missing (MS-DOS)

One of the rare Nintendo releases for the PC --albeit via The Software Toolworks-- Mario Is Missing is a lovely curiosity that would make sense in any DOS collection, and can be grabbed via this Mario Is Missing (MS-DOS) eBay auction. The game comes in its original big box with five 3.5" disks, manual and Quick Start leaflet.

Seller ships worldwide.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hanimex Pencil II

Australian (but Hong Kong made) 8-bit micro Hanimex Pencil II is an obscure and quite frankly lovely Z80 based computer, that was released back in 1984, and is pretty hard to come across these days. The machine came with 18kb of RAM (expandable to 80kb), 3 channel sound, 16 color graphics, the CP/M operating system, and a rather impressive range of expansion modules ranging from disk drives to a Colecovision emulator.

Interestingly, a finely preserved and boxed machine of the sort has appeared on eBay, and you can bid on it via this Hanimex Pencil II auction. The micro comes in its box, with poly inserts, power supply, all necessary leads, SD-BASIC cartridge, demo tape, and the 16k RAM expansion. 

Seller ships only within Europe.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Space Megaforce (SNES)

Space Megaforce, the US version of stunning vertically scrolling shmup Super Alleste, is a wonderful and usually expensive rarity for the SNES. It is also on of the finest 16-bit shoot-'em-ups ever and a game one can bid on via this Space Megaforce eBay auction. The games works fine and comes in its box and with the cardboard tray.

Seller ships to many places worldwide.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Speaking Intellivision

One of the most famous victims of the video game crash, the powerful and impressively ambitious Intellivision, has appeared in a nice bundle you can bid on via this Intellivision eBay auction. The console comes in its original box, the unboxed IntelliVoice module and four games: Poker & Blackjack, Horse Racing, Sea Battle, and B-17 Bomber.

Seller ships to many places worldwide.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A most excellent Space Quest III box

Love it or hate it (seriously, how could you?), Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon is a classic parser-driven graphical adventure game, and a truly fine, funny, sci-fi, satirical, death-filled moment in the long history of Sierra. It is also the last Space Quest game designed by both the Guys From Andromeda, and, as you'd expect, a game you can buy via this Space Quest III (MS-DOS) eBay auction.

It is the excellent MS-DOS/Tandy version of the game you'll be bidding on, and it comes on both 3.5" and 5.25" disks, complete in its finely preserved box. By complete, I do of course mean the box includes the manual, the hintbook (with its "adventure window"), warranty card, Sierra catalog, punch out Death Ray Shield Mask, coupons, brochures, letters and some notes.

Seller ships to many places worldwide.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Boxed Atari Lynx with extras & games

Haven't posted any auctions regarding my favourite retro handheld lately, mostly due to the fact that I didn't actually find any. Happily, I just ran into this lovely Atari Lynx eBay auction, and I thought you should probably know. It concerns a boxed Atari Lynx Mark II, you see, a ComLynx cable, the AC adaptor, and 7 games including the excellent STUN Runner, Xybots, Klax and Paperboy.

Seller ships only within the US.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rise of the Dragon (MS DOS)

Rise of the Dragon by Dynamix (and Sierra), despite its flaws and irritating arcade bits, is one of the adventure games I absolutely love. Always did, actually. It looked stunning in its 256 VGA colours back in 1990, the first person point of view is handled admirably, the atmosphere is brilliant, the plot enjoyable in an over-the-top way and, well, I just love the thing. And, what with this Rise of the Dragon (MS-DOS) eBay auction, so can you.

You'll be bidding on the boxed VGA, 5.25" disk version of the game for MS-DOS. The manual, comic book, registration card, disks and Sierra catalog are included, and everything seems to be in great condition.

Seller ships worldwide. 

Sega Mega Drive & Sega Mega CD Bundle

A mark I PAL Sega MegaDrive and its accompanying Sega Mega CD are a beautiful, powerful, and at the time innovative combination of consoles, capable of offering some of the best 16-bit gaming experiences ever. Oh, and you can grab such a lovely bundle via this Sega Mega Drive & Sega Mega CD eBay auction.

The consoles come in their original boxes, with all the required bits and cable to get things running, two joypads and one joystick. Oh, and you'll also be getting a good selection of mostly boxed and complete games on both CD and cartridge including: Micro Machines, Soul Star, Sol Feace, Cobra Command, Sonic, Sonic 2, Space Harrier, Road Rash and Mega Bomberman.

Seller ships only within the UK.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Midwinter (Amiga)

Midwinter was the first open world game I ever played, and, frankly, one of the few I still absolutely love. Not only did the game feature a huge, snowy, 3D island to explore with the help of skis, buggies, hang-gliders and even cable cars, it also managed to effortlessly support a unique blend of adventure and strategy gameplay elements. I'm pretty sure it was the first game to allow for first person sniping too.

Anyway. The game's one of Microprose's gems, but you probably knew that already, so here's a lovely copy of Midwinter for the Amiga that's made itself available on eBay. It comes in its original box with manual, map, 3.5" disk and technical supplement. Seller ships worldwide.