Saturday, August 20, 2011

A bundle of Sam Coupé joy

The Sam Coupé by MGT, a truly ambitious 8-bit powerhouse that showed up too late to make a difference and suicidally cost almost as much as the Atari ST back in 1989, is a lovely micro to own. It sports a small selection of truly excellent games, shows what an advanced 8-bit computer could actually pull off, looks fantastic, is quite a rarity, has an active homebrew scene and even emulates the ZX Spectrum. And did I mention it looks lovely? Ah, yes, lovely indeed, let's move on then. You can find out more about the Sam Coupé and its thriving community here, here and here, and you can emulate it with the help of Sim Coupe

To actually own one, you should really have a look at this rather fabulous Sam Coupe auction that the invaluable reader, commenter and provider of tips Bob discovered. You'll be getting the 512K RAM model, a new power supply & SCART cables, a disk drive, the Quazar soundcard and flash interface, some extra handy interfaces, a mouse, quite a few utilities and programs, several issues of the SAM Revival magazine, five games (including a particularly impressive version of Lemmings) and few more extras. Seller ships only to UK addresses.