Friday, August 19, 2011

It's the Cheetahmen II for the NES!

Granted, Cheetahmen II is a terrible game. One of the worst ever released for money and a shocking disgrace to all NES gamers worldwide. So, uhm, why would you want to pay way over $1000 for such a monstrosity? Why would you even care for this NES Cheetahmen II auction? Because it's a bloody collectible, that's why. A true rarity. And it does come complete in its factory sealed box. Seller ships to N. and S. America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  


  1. Cheetamen II is an harbor against the current market crisis, better than owning a gold mine... or isn't it? :)

  2. Uhm, you think so? You'd say it's as safe as gold? But, but ...

  3. I don't see a profit being made from selling this game. After all...

    Cheetas never prosper! =)

  4. Hehe! A wise point indeed oh Gary!