Monday, July 9, 2007

"Suspended" text adventure for Apple II

Released by Infocom in 1983 for Apple II

"Ahead of its time as an adventure game, a strategy game, and a simulation game, Suspended is certainly a challenging adventure to be played (and replayed) by anyone who isn't afraid of quite a bit of hard work." Matthew Murray

pdf of original game manual (right click save as)

this auction lot includes:
Game Disk (Apple II 16 Sector with orignal sleeve)
Box with plastic mask
Instruction Book
Colored Laminated Cardboard Map
Robot Tracking Devices (All six chips included)

"Suspended" text adventure only on, seller ships to US only


  1. Fantastic find, just fantastic! And the PDF manual was quite a read too... Ah, those were games. Game boxes too...

  2. Wow!

    That manual was awesome!

    The whole description of the "Franklin" incident was very interesting. Awesome storyline and foreshadowing.

    I wonder why the hell they didn't listen to some of the people who were against the whole "500 years" plan.

    I mean the last guy went completely batshit crazy and killed thousands of people...

    ...and according the manual the player character has "deviant" behavior signals in his brain...

    ...Why couldn't they hook someone in every 10 years or so and have a couple guards on duty as well?

    Wow. Still an awesome setup for the game.

    You would have to be pretty damn unlucky to pick up that lottery card...

  3. wow! Awesome find! And awesome comment by brother Caleb...

  4. awesome comment indeed Caleb... though waking in 500 years time has it's appeal.....