Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nintendo Famicom & Disk System

Usually going for over 200$ (that's roughly 150 euros or 100£) the classic Japanese Famicom and Famicom Disk System combo is worth every penny/cent/whatever you'll spend on it. Thousands of available games, the rarity of the disk drive and its games, and a console definitely superior to the westernized NES (even had a lovely built-in microphone) will cater to both the retro gamer and the collector.

Unfortunately though the Famicom and even more so its Disk System are quite hard to find, especially outside Japan, but this excellent Famicom, Disk System & 10 games auction has a seller that ships worldwide. And bargain price. Hoorah!


  1. hoorahhhh!!!! ..... sorry got carried away, it won't happen again....

  2. It's ok... The customers seem to love your barbaric yelling from time to time...

  3. phew thats a relief! thought I had frightened them away.... frightened myself

  4. lol

    No, they loved it. Really.

  5. phew!

    well in that case... (takes out fountain pen...)

    autographs €5