Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nintendo SNES Scope 6 with games

The Scope 6 for the Super Nintendo was the most outrageous and obviously biggest light-gun ever conceived & produced. The thing, you see, resembled a bloody bazooka. Anyway, it still is a fun little (?) accessory for the SNES and one you can get your hands on by bidding on the following SNES Super Scope 6 with games auction.

Seller ships worldwide. The thingy comes complete with its pack-in 6 games cart, Yoshi's Safari and Battle Clash.


  1. I got a Superscope in box at a garage sale for $2 and it didn't come with a receiver or the Superscope 6.

    So then I had to travel around looking for a receiver...

    ...Then I had to track down a Super Scope 6 game pack.

    It would have been much easier just to buy the thing in one fell swoop like in this auction.

    And BTW if anyone orders this read the instructions for setting it up carefully. You have to use the second controller port or something weird like that to get the thing to work.

    Plus you need like 6 new AA batteries for the wireless function to work properly.

  2. Invaluable info again dear Caleb! Now, when will you start contributing to this blog?

  3. indeed, Caleb, we even kept a seat for you... look

    (pushs in antique leather armchair, complete with well stocked beer compartment.....)

  4. (tip toes in......nicks a beer.....tries vibrator function... tip toes out)