Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boxed Commodore Amiga CD 32 & Games

The Amiga CD 32 never truly had a chance, despite being the first 32-bit console to hit the shelves worldwide (back in 1993) and selling pretty well. Commodore was already beyond hope. Still, with the Amiga CD 32 essentially being an Amiga 1200 with a CD drive and a few extra chips, games just weren't a problem. Exclusive games were. Anyway, you can find out more on the tech specs of the console here or hit Wikipedia for a more encyclopedic view of the matter.

Own one through this lovely Amiga CD 32 & games ebay auction. It's a boxed console and comes with several games (including Putty, Chaos Engine and Liberation), 2 joypads and some pretty rare magazine cover-disks. Seller ships worldwide.

The Amiga CD 32 usually sells for a bit over 25£ 50$ or 40 euros (depending on extras).


  1. In an interesting sidenote a version of "Donk" is being created for the Dreamcast.

  2. Sounds mighty interesting even for someone who's not exactly sure what "Donk" is ;)

  3. Lets not replace the n with an r Gnome.

    I said DONK.

    As in sidescroller video game.


  4. Donk gottit!.... issa Samurai Duck, Donk or a other one?

  5. Issa me! Fonk!






  6. I own one of these now. Far more convenient for me than owning a full Amiga computer.

  7. I'll have to disagree, as there's no keyboard and HD options, whereas a mouse, joystick and a FDD -more than necessary for the complete Amiga experience- don't go to well with the whole console concept. I would suggest adding an A500 to your collection.

  8. Well Amiga CD32 is a great console. Now You can find a lot of stuff made by fans. As old Amiga 500/1200 games compilation. I have some of these. Try to imagine that You put one cd and have 888 games on it from classic Amiga. You can add expansions to cd32 so You can have a floppy, HD and keyboard. Mouse is working normally on port 1.

    68020 is nice, with AGA makes 2D games fantastic.

  9. Indeed Aki. Both the 020 and them AGA graphics are fantastic and that's why I still keep my A1200 around. Now, these CD32 homebrew collections do sound like an excellent idea...

  10. You can find it here:


    this is not my site. I'm from Poland but stuff is great!!! Over 2000games + typical CD32 Cd's :))

    Have Fun!

  11. Amazing and thanks Aki! Fantastic stuff. Seems Poland has a most vibrant retro gaming community, mind.


  12. No problem. This is my email:


    write to me so maybe I can help with other stuff.

    ps. WinUAE is working nice as CD32 emulator so You can mount those iso's and play on Your PC! If You din't have CD32

  13. I'd like to see better picture of that big box below CD32.

    My e-mail is kitaramies94@luukku.com

  14. i payed this shit 700.000 lire (700$) in the middle 90' , than returned to the shop after a month