Sunday, July 22, 2007

Atari Jaguar CD & 4 rare 'n' lovely Games

Despite looking like a toilet-seat, the Atari Jaguar CD is the only true way of keeping your precious Jaguar alive (tons of homebrew, indy commercial and freeware games are still being released for it) and a moderately rare collector's item, usually selling around 70-80£.

To grab a boxed Jaguar CD, a memory track, 4 games including the excellent -and pretty rare- Highlander and the very rare, very unopened Battlemorph, a Tempest 2000 soundtrack CD and a Myst demo, do have a look at this Jaguar CD auction. Seller ships to UK only.

Short a Jaguar console? Click here.


  1. homebrew... excellent! I'll get the glasses....

  2. Ah, yes, of course, homebrew glasses. Don't forget the pencil.

  3. nope i'll get the pencil as well...

    (returns with pencil and glasses....)

    why do we need the pencil again?

  4. We dont... but you do look very homebrew and professional...