Friday, July 13, 2007

The ridiculously rare Sinclair ZX80

The Sinclair ZX80, released almost 30 years ago back in 1980, was the first truly affordable home computer to hit the UK market. It was sold in kit form, which -yes- means it had to be assembled by its user, sold for a then respectable 99.9£ and you can find all there is to it over at Old-Computers or Planet Sinclair.

These days the ZX80 is as rare a vintage computer as a truly rare ..uhh.. rarity. A boxed one more so. To grab one in its original box & packaging complete with manual and power lead your only chance for quite some time might just be following this ebay boxed Sinclair ZX80 link. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. 30 years.... it seems like yesterday... well okay then last week....

  2. More like last decade really... Actually, no. I don't believe I remember anything that happened in 1980...

  3. (thinks hard....) 1980? hmmm!

    damn... I got married.... feck it was looking like a complete blank there for a minute...

  4. Oh dear.. would have been better had you stayed at home the whole year I gather. Married? Tsk.