Monday, July 23, 2007

Vintage Handheld Arcade Games

As not available at your local gamestore, a selection of handheld games carefully selected for their age and retro loveliness and awaiting your bidding skills over on ebay.

Pac Man Tabletop Arcade Game 1981
Ms. Pac-Man Mini Arcade Game 1981
Galaxian Tabletop Arcade Game 1981
Dracula Handheld 1982

Electronic Handheld Game Museum


  1. Draculaaaa!!!

    Uhm, yes. Gotta have them all. Really, fine findings. Think I might need a catapult?

  2. erm if we use the catapult for this one, can we dismantle it afterwards.....? just got your email......

    ....doo doo doo the funky gibbon...

  3. Boo bee doo bee doo bee do...

    (grabs fiddle, ask for roof)

    Nah, we can just buy a new one...

  4. ah yes why not,

    (lights a cuban cigar...)

    financial abandon....

    (passes out cuban cigars to passers bye...)

    gotta love it....

  5. When I was a kid I actually owned the ms.Pacman one, I don't remember what happened to it. :P

  6. Wow, those are cool stuffs, man. I have not owned one like that ever since. Are they still out?